Product formulated for excellent anti corrosive properties and sacrificial protection for welded joints, marine equipment, construction structures and trusses exposed to severe corrosive environments. A must for M.S articles like nuts bolts flanges Pipes in harsh environments. Touch up of old or damaged galvanized surfaces can easily be done using this product.


Zinc-rich galvanizer provides outstanding corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environments. The zinc metal coating creates high electrical conductivity which provides sacrificial protection to any areas of exposed underlying steel. Easy to use, does not require any painting equipment. Useful for DIY touch-up jobs for old or damaged galvanized surfaces.


Ship Building & Ship repairs yards For Maintenance purpose is Petrochemical refineries and Electronics Industries etc. Extensively used for touch up of old or damaged galvanized structures and surfaces

Product Data

Appearance Silver Zinc ( Flat.)
Volume 400 ml
Coverage 12 Sq. feet.( Approx.)
Film Thickness 15-20 microns.
Touch dry time 5-7 Minutes to touch.
Complete dry 5 hrs.
Zinc purity 98 percent
Zinc in dry film 65 percent. ( Approx.)