TOUCH-UP PAINT SPRAY An aerosol based spray paint

Kolor Spray Quick Touch-Up: An aerosol based spray paint, a must for touching-up powder coated components, finishing requirements and improving old or rusted parts. This product can be used to touch up in-transit damaged articles, powder coating industry, electronic industry and for household use. Colors can be provided according to specifications, samples or requirement for color matching.

Kolor spray Quick touch-up is required during

Production and Assembly: During production and assembly problems may arise with the finish like nicks and scratches, hiding or repair of any such imperfections can be easily handled using Kolor Spray Quick Touch-Up on the assembly line.

Shipping: Shipping can take a toll on product finish, use Kolor Spray Quick Touch-Up for an instant original look. Product finish can be restored after shipping as original, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Installation: To ensure zero defect surface finish touch up after installation can be carried out using Kolor Spray Quick Touch-Up leaving the product after installation as original.

Why use Kolor Spray Quick Touch-Up?

  • It requires no solvents, buckets, spray painting equipments, mixing tools or even rags.
  • Can be used without ever leaving their work area. Provides an economical and professional looking finish that is fast drying.
  • Does not require any professional handling, it is easy to use and safe to handle.
  • Does not contain ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Kolor Spray Touch-up cans are airtight so that the contents cannot spoil or spill.
  • Kolor Spray Touch-up can is tamper proof.
  • Allows you to use the exact amount of product that you need and keeps contents protected for use later.
  • Convenient, economical and efficient.