FUELINE-AD The Fuel Oil Conditioner

The residue fuel oils namely furnace oil,LSHS,LDO produced by our refineries primarily contain heavy residue namely asphaltenes ,poly aromatics and waxes blended with low viscosity hydrocarbons. These oils are high in conardson carbon which creates problem during combustion of the oil resulting into soot formation. Moreover fuel suffers from stratification that is sludge formation during storage in the tanks.

M/s Aqua-Management. have developed a fuel conditioner for different industrial fuels i.e. F.O , LSHS, LDO, HSD etc. Which helps you to keep your system clean , better efficiency of boiler , less corrosion etc.

  • FUELINE-AD is a multipurpose fuel conditioner formulation designed keeping in mind typical fuel oil related problems and over all improvement in Fuel economy.
  • FUELINE-AD contains a, sludge dispersant and corrosion inhibitor which keeps tank, pipelines strainers & nozzles clean.
  • FUELINE-AD also contains emulsifier & combustion catalyst which helps to improve the overall combustion efficiency by reduction in soot formation as well as stack Temperature.
  • FUELINE-AD is to be applied as preventive maintenance for oil fired systems. Regular use will keep the system Clean & trouble-free.



FUELINE-AD Contains a polymer dispersant that disperses sludge in line particles .the detergent action of the polymer keeps Oil heaters, strainers and burner nozzles clean. This results in efficient use of the equipment.


FUELINE-AD reduces ignition delay of asphaltic components in fuel & helps to burn it completely reducing soot & clinker formation.


The surfactant in FUELINE-AD atomizes fuel, improving combustion ‘this allows operation at lesser excess air, improving combustion efficiency.


FUELINE –AD helps to reduce deposits on the oil heater, boiler heat exchanger surfaces promoting better heat transfer, reducing metal corrosion and maintenance cost


FUELINE-AD can be added to the storage tank,just before unloading fresh fuel tanker .The agitation caused by incoming oil will mix FUELINE-AD uniformly with oil. Aqua-Management will assist you in designing & establishing a treatment program to meet your specific needs and operating conditions.


FUELINE-AD contains a solvent & organo-metallic compounds. Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact wash with soap & fresh water. Do not swollow. Keep container closed & away from direct heat.

FUELINE-AD is available in 20 litre carboys.