AQUABLEND-292 Closed System Water Treatment Chemical

Aquablend-292 is a liquid blend of molybdate & nitrite base along with a pH buffer . The product is recommended for use in closed component Cooling system like Chillers & genset system. the product is also applicable to hood / jacket cooling in steel industry.

  • Controls corrosion in both ferrous & non ferrous metals.
  • No chromate or other colour producing chemicals.
  • Insure maximum heat transfer by preventing corrosion & corrosion products.
  • Easy to feed as it is a liquid composition.
  • Prevents scale & sludge.
  • Protects piping , valves, pumps & heat exchanger by producing a protective film on all exposed metal surfaces.
  • Effective on wide range of conditions.-such as multi-metal systems.


Dose of 6000-10000 is suggested as one shot. We will provide tech. assistance.


Store in shade & air tight containers. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. In case of spliiage in the eyes, flush with cold water & get medical attention.

AQUABLEND-292 is available in 20 Kg. carboys.