About Us

We thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce products and services offered by ANB VENTURES ANB Ventures prides itself as one of the leaders in the water treatment, lubricants and cleaning chemicals. We provide the best technology and equipments allowing us to give our customers the best services possible. Every product is supported by product specialist and having expertise knowledge about products application and extensive field experience to support customers as per requirements. We strive in our after sales services providing customers in technical guideline, trouble shooting analysis and assisting in correct product selection to increase and utilize maximum product efficiency. The company works on the principle of continuous up-gradation of quality services offered and quality of products by proving customers feedback and suggestions and implementing them within time frame, which keeps the company and our products always one-step ahead in the market.

We at ANB VENTURES work towards helping our customers have a better control over the process, in turn reduce the maintenance costs, increase the time between shutdowns, and make savings on multiple levels. Our vision is ‘Total Envirocare’. We are in the field of industrial products with our constant endeavor being towards ‘Energy Savings & Envirocare’ helping our customers to be cost effective without compromising on quality & safety. We would like to put forward the activities and product range carried out by us as mention below:

Total water management by Aqua- management series of:

1. Water treatment chemicals: Boiler water treatment, cooling tower water treatment.

2. Fuel additives:for Furnace Oil, L.D.O, Baggase, and Coal.

3. Water treatment plants & accessoriesFiltration plant, Softener plant, D.M. plant, Reverse osmosis plant, Ultraviolet sterilizing system, ION exchange resins, Spares---multiport valve, strainer buttons etc. EFFUENT TREATMENT AND SEAVEGE TREATMENT PLANT

4. Non IBR /IBR Boilers & accessories Steam boilers, Thermic fluid heaters, Boiler coils & economizer, Repairing & fabrication, Boiler spares, Breakdowns, Maintenance.

5. GLAND PACKING MATERIAL - specialty Non Asbestos Gland packing for rotary and stationary application. (Valve, pump, reactor etc) and Gaskets of all sizes

6. Specialty Lubricants Greases (high temp grease), Aerosols like Rust Preventive, Rust loosened Zinc (Bright galvanizer), Touchup Paint spray (like equi.RAL-7035, 7032, 631, 632, black, smoke grey, etc.), Rust Remover, Electrical Contact Cleaner etc.

7. Material handling equipments ***Cleaning chemicals- d’scaling compound for cooling tower, boiler, reactors, condenser /heat exchanger, thermic fluid heater decarbonisation etc., Our commitment is solving customer problems by offering ‘Innovative solution’ based on experience in materials and equipment. This experience guarantees the best solution up front without a lot of trial and error. The result is less down time for the customer and a high level of overall satisfaction

For any enquiry or queries please feel free to contact us on 09860037330 / 09404213603 Nitin Bankar